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Aren’t you tired of always having issues installing MPlayerX on your Mac to watch videos? Ever since the macOS Catalina upgrade, MPlayerX seems to have lots of compatibility issues. So, instead of spending a lot of time trying to fix the Mac MPlayerX app, you can check out this free alternative that does a better job and also comes with more free features.

What is MPlayerX and what are the main issues with it?


Considered by some users the most popular media players for Mac, MPlayerX delivered an excellent service on previous versions of macOS. However, ever since Catalina was rolled out, it looks like it’s harder and harder to perform an MPlayerX Mac and use it to watch your favorite videos. Among its advantages, there’s the lightweight approach to playing all sorts of media files and the smooth design of the app. It offers full-screen mode, editing the subtitles to make them bigger, change the font or color, as well as remembering where you left the video so you can resume from there.

Unfortunately, the last update for MPlayerX Mac was done in 2016 and since then the several macOS updates rolled out made the software unstable and with lots of issues. The trouble started with MplayerX Mojave that was giving out an error message ever since the installation process began.

However, since technology can’t stand still, plenty of other media players for Mac were developed in the meantime so that you can find the perfect one for your needs. While we can’t exactly pinpoint the reasons why MPlayerX did not receive any updates, it is probably because these new players were already better at what it was doing so the developers decided to retire it. So, if you were using MPlayerX so far, you are in need of a great alternative to watch all your videos on Mac. Luckily, we found an app that doesn’t only do everything that MPlayerX did, but also comes with some extra features.

Top MPlayerX Alternative - Elmedia Player

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Elmedia Player

Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 55.34MB free space. Version 7.12(2164). (24 Jun, 2020). 4.8 Rank based on 463+ users

Stop worrying about MPlayerX not working! You now have a fantastic alternative in Elmedia Player. Elmedia Player is used by many Mac users and it’s constantly updated by the developers to deliver flawless services. Elmedia Player is available in free and PRO mode, depending on what exactly you want from your video player. However, no matter if you go with the free or PRO mode, you can count on Elmedia to be a perfect replacement for MPlayerX for Mac. For you to get a better idea of what Elmedia Player compared to MPlayerX, we put these two players head to head to compare their major features.

Elmedia Player

Formats supported:

Both Elmedia and MPplayerX support a wide range of formats, based on the FFmpeg open source projects. So, while both players will support AVI, FLV, MOV, DAT, MP4, FLAV, M4V, MKV, MPG, and many more; Elmedia comes on top because it was built based on mpv, which was derived and improved from MPlayer and comes with multiple improvements.


When checking out a video player, the interface is one of the most important things, besides the ability to handle many formats with no add-ons. The user interface should be smooth, look good and allow users of any kinds to easily find their way around the app. And while MPlayerX does a great job at balancing performance with simplicity offering a Quick-Time-inspired black interface with minimal controls placed in-frame. The interface is functional but discrete, allowing the user to focus on what is played in the player.

Elmedia Player picks on the simplicity and efficiency offered by MPlayerX and adds some refinement and style to it. It’s elegant but simple at the same time and the playback controls are sharper compared to MPplayerX, and easier to use.

Online Videos Support:

Besides MPlayerX not working on Mojave, it also has a disadvantage when compared to Elmedia Player when talking about watching online videos. Elmedia doesn’t show any ads while MPlayerX didn’t have any system to block them. Even more than that, viewing videos from Vimeo, YouTube, or Dailymotion is a breeze with Elmedia Player. No ads, nothing to disturb you, just enjoy your favorite videos.

Subtitle Support:

Both MPlayerX and Elmedia Player allow you to watch your videos with subtitles and also give you the possibility to modify the subtitles and change them to get the best experience. However, when you put these two players head to head, Elmedia Player comes on top since it has opensubtitles.org download embedded in its interface. Also, you can use Elmedia Player to stream videos with subtitles on a bigger screen.

how to add subtitles in Elmedia Player

Screenshots support:

If you want to make a preview of the video using screenshots, you won’t be able to rely on MPlayerX. Actually, you’re going to probably perform an MPlayerX uninstall after hearing that this player can only make 1 screenshot at a time. Elmedia Player gives you the possibility to convert an entire movie into a long series of screenshots that can be saved as JPG, PNG, GIF, or TFF.

Extra features offered by the Elmedia Player PRO

After comparing Elmedia Player with the MPlayerX on all the important aspects, you were able to easily see that it’s a superior player even in the free version. However, the PRO version brings even more features that will make the comparison even more favorable for Elmedia.

The PRO version of Elmedia Player will not only allow you to watch any videos and download subtitles with ease, but you will also be able to download videos directly on your Mac. No matter if you want to get video or audio from popular sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, or Vimeo, you can count on Elmedia Player PRO.

download YouTube video on Mac

Furthermore, Elmedia Player PRO gives users the ability to stream files from your Mac to a Smart TV via Chromecast Ultra, Airplay or DLNA. You don’t need to worry about your TV not supporting a file format, the player will ensure smooth playback with no latency and maximum quality.

Play videos on Mac using the best MPlayerX Alternative - Elmedia Player

Using Elmedia Player to play videos is very simple and straightforward. Here are the 3 steps to follow:

1. Download the free Elmedia app and install it on your computer.

install Elmedia Player

2. Select the video file you wish to play and load it into Elmedia. There are various ways of doing this:

- Drag and drop the video file on the icon in the dock or in the Elmedia window.

drag-n-drop files to Elmedia Player window

- Use finder to locate the video and then choose elmedia Player in the “Open with” menu after right-clicking on the file.

Open with Elmedia Player

- Straight from Elmedia by choosing the "Open" option in the "File" menu.

3. Have fun watching your favorite videos!

How to manually uninstall MPlayerX on Mac?

If you’re tired of all those times when MPlayerX quit unexpectedly, it’s time to uninstall it and replace it with the best alternative - Elmedia Player. The uninstall process has just 4 easy steps:

  1. Open the Application folder on your Mac.
  2. Locate MPlayerX in the list.
  3. Drag and drop the icon to Trash.
  4. Empty the trash by right-clicking on it and selecting "Empty Trash".

With MPlayerX removed from your Mac, it’s time to take care of the other files related to the app that are taking up space on your hard drive. Complete the uninstall process by removing all the files containing “MPlayerX” in the following locations:

  • ~/Library/Preferences/
  • ~/Library/Application Support/

Frequently Asked Questions

We decided to put together the most frequent questions about MPlayerX and its alternatives for Mac users. We focused on questions that were asked by users on forums, however, if you have other questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments section.

We’ve dedicated an entire article for detailed reviews of the best video players available for macOS. You can choose to read it right now to get a clear idea. However, if you don’t want to go through the reviews, we can sum it up for you: Elmedia Player is the top choice for the wide range of video formats it support, delivering a native web browser for seeing the best video straight in the app, as well as the "Open URL" option that allows you to see and download videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, and many other streaming platforms.

MPlayerX on is a simple video player for Mac that is offered free and had some years of glory. It can open a wide range of video formats, and comes with multiple features like full-screen mode, subtitle editing and supporting Apple Remotes. However, the updates for MPlayerX stopped in 2016 and that makes the app unstable with the newest versions of macOS.

After it lost support and updates, MPlayerX started to be considered an PUP - potentially unwanted program - and it looks like the official MPlayerX installer adds some adware as well as other PUPs. This is very annoying and also exposes the user to other potential threats.

Elmedia Player

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 55.34MB free space
Version 7.12(2164) (24 Jun, 2020) Release notes