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Watch 4K videos on Apple TV

Videos is high UHD 4K resolution are more and more popular each day. This is not surprising though, given the excellent image quality that's far more enjoyable to a viewer than a low-quality one. How does one usually get 4K videos on their disposal? Well, you might have downloaded them from a website, or you already have some UHD recordings on your computer from your GoPro or other cam, or else.

Elmedia Player interface
No matter how you have a video in great quality, you'll definitely appreciate the possibility to watch it on a large screen to get the most of it.

Wondering how to stream 4K video from Mac to Apple TV in 4K? That's pretty easy to do with Elmedia Player PRO and its extensive AirPlay support. Elmedia Player PRO is one of the best 4K video streaming services available on Mac.

Instructions for 4K movies streaming from Mac to Apple TV with Elmedia Player

  1. 1. Download and install free Elmedia Player.

    2. Select the video file you are going to stream:

    Open a file with Elmedia

    • - Drag a file onto the app's window or on its icon in the Dock.<
    • - Right-click your video file in Finder and select the "Open With" option. Choose Elmedia Player from the list of suggested apps.
    • - In the app's main menu choose "File", then "Open" option. Then navigate to video.

    3. In Elmedia Player control panel (it's where Play/Pause controls are) click the AirPlay icon and choose Apple TV 4K to stream to.

    stream from Mac to Apple TV

  2. Note: you'll need the latest version of Apple TV 4K for video streaming in this quality.

    4. Depending on the AirPlay settings on your Apple TV, you might be requested to enter a passcode in Elmedia Player. You can read more about it here.

    Now just sit back and relax! Oh, by the way, while your 4K streaming player is doing all the work on Mac and you are enjoying high-quality video image, you can do other stuff on your computer – shop, work, check emails – be a multitasker!

    Please keep in mind: Free Elmedia Player offers 1 minute of streaming of music and videos to AirPlay devices and vice versa. If you feel like this product is exactly what you need and works great for you, don't hesitate to get the PRO version, it offers a lot more than just streaming actually.


4K video streaming software: Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player is a universal app that does an excellent job as a player. It lets you watch standard videos, as well as 4K and 5K movies, and even 8K movies in the best way possible. This is possible thanks to hardware acceleration available for files encoded with H.264 and HEVC codecs (most of 4K videos are). Hardware accelerated decoding allows smooth 4K playback thanks to processing of the video frames on video card.

Additionally to being a great player for Mac, Elmedia is also an outstanding 4K streaming video player that supports AirPlay thus allowing you to watch your 4K content on your Apple TV 4K, or basically any other device supporting AirPlay.

Stream from Macbook to TV

Elmedia Player features all kinds of video management possibilities. You can fit image to screen, manage subtitles and audio tracks (built-in as well as external ones), make screenshots at any moment of a video or convert the whole video to a series of screenshots (while keeping the original of course), etc. There is also a native web browser that you can use to browse online videos on YouTube and many other websites, a visual 10-band equalizer, and the possibility to open online videos without the ads you'd otherwise have to watch in a regular web browser.

subtitles settings Elmedia Player

When enjoying a movie in Elmedia Player you can adjust the playback speed, subtitles or sound delay (to correct any possible out-of-sync issues), skip forward or back through the currently played video. You can also adjust the video image brightness and contrast, which of course helps the viewer appreciate it better.

To make it even better, Elmedia Player allows you to stream videos with their subtitles (both embedded and external). No matter what your original video format is, Elmedia will either stream it directly or transcode into the device supported format in real time. You can queue up several files and have your playlist streamed with the possibility to control playback: pause, play, seek, stop, or adjust the volume from the app.

Stream 4K YouTube video from Mac to Apple TV 4K

Download video from YouTube

One would think that streaming of 4K YouTube videos to Apple TV should be a no-brainer, however in reality it is not exactly so. On the contrary, the streaming doesn't happen by means of native Apple TV app. Apple corporation recently confirmed that currently YouTube app for tvOS doesn't support 4K resolution.

So for now you can watch high-definition YouTube videos on your smart TV through native YouTube apps, skipping Apple TV.

Wondering how to find 4K videos on YouTube? Here's some useful information for you:

The official samples can be found in 4K Resolution playlist. You can also easily perform search on YouTube website with the following criteria: "4k Resolution", "4k" or "4096p". The latter might not be the most technically correct term, however despite the fact that videos are uploaded with 480p, 720p, 1080p resolution, some of them are still tagged as 4096p. You can even find some animated movies in 4K resolution on YouTube!

Did you know that Elmedia Player PRO allows saving online videos from YouTube on your computer? It is quite easy actually: switch Elmedia app to the browser mode, find the YouTube video via the built-in browser and click Download. You get to choose the file format when saving and you also get to save a complete playlist off YouTube if you wish. YouTube is not the only website Elmedia Player PRO can download from – it can save videos and audio from pretty much any website!

Supported formats for 4K video streaming

The information on supported audio and video formats can be found in tech specifications for Apple TV here.

When the file is fully supported by Apple TV, it is streamed to the big screen without any changes. Native playback uses very little CPU on a Mac running Elmedia Player, which is a benefit for 4K streaming on Mac. In case an audio or video is recorded in an unsupported format by Apple TV (that can be AVI, MKV, WebM...) then it is going to be converted on the fly (in real time), which may result in a rather significant CPU usage.

Note: On the fly transcoding speed is mostly based on the speed of your CPU. The faster the CPU, the faster Elmedia is able to transcode. If you have an older computer, then expect slower speeds of transcoding.

Elmedia Player

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 55.34MB free space
Version 7.12(2164) (24 Jun, 2020) Release notes