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Video quality is a main parameter when it comes to the choice of a movie or a clip to watch. Even the best-selling video products will have low ratings if their grade is poor. Blurred focus, noises, shakes, too dark or too light scenes can kill good impression of even a perfectly shot video. What to do? Refuse from the view? Surely, no. You can fix the video image by yourself without external help or advice. All you need to use is Elmedia Player. It’s the best video enhancement software for Mac that empowers you to manage your videos the way you like.

Improve your video quality with the best video enhancer on Mac

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Elmedia Player

Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 55.34MB free space. Version 7.12(2164). (24 Jun, 2020). 4.8 Rank based on 463+ users

Elmedia Player was created specifically for Mac users by Eltima Software. It’s a progressive video downloader and player that started a new era of video usage. It allows you to manage video as well as audio parameters for the most comfortable and enjoyable viewing along with listening. Full screen mode, choice of monitors, speed adjustment, benchmarks, subtitles, equalizer - it’s not a full list of opportunities that Elmedia offers to its users absolutely for free.

Elmedia Player PRO

For those Mac owners who want to get more from videos and music Elmedia presents a wide range of possibilities to improve playback. Its PRO version is surely a good investment. With Elmedia Player PRO you can improve video quality on Mac in the following ways:

  • Improve video image quality, such as brightness and contrast

  • If your video is too dark or needs some darkness you have a unique possibility to adjust its color, brightness, saturation and contrast by using corresponding options. Windows users should work with Video Tuner. Elmedia, the video enhancer for Mac allows you to provide the following changes:

    1. Brightness:You can add or decrease the light for the video image. The higher is the brightness number, the shinier is the video look.
    2. Contrast:It’s a distinction between dark and light zones on the image. If you deepen the contrast in your video, dark objects will get darker, light ones even lighter.
    3. Saturation:If you want to adjust the pureness and intensity of colors in your video image refer to saturation. The higher you make it, the glossier colors become.
    4. Hue:This parameter allows you to change the color scheme. You can select either cold or warm colors.

  • Reduce noise defect

  • Background noises make video quality even worse, so good impression from the video is hardly possible. Elmedia Player PRO allows you to activate the noise reduction feature that will quickly delete or lower undesirable noises.

  • Enable deinterlacing feature

  • With Elmedia Player PRO you can forget about irritating horizontal stripes on fast moving objects in the playing video. Enable Deinterlace method in Elmedia’s main menu by clicking Preferences → Video tab.

  • Rotate

  • Rotating videos is not as usual as rotating images. But Elmedia copes with it perfectly. You can move your file clockwise and anti-clockwise to find a better view from the most unexpected point.

  • Flip the video vertically

  • If you like experiments with video view you can try Elmedia’s Flip Vertically feature. It allows you to move your video upside-down and experience new emotions from the new viewing point.

  • Mirror

If you’d like to know how your video will look like in the mirror reflection mode use the Mirror feature. It rotates objects to the opposite side which looks interesting and unusual.

Elmedia Player

Extra Features for the Best Video Enhancement

PRO version is not limited to options listed above. You have a great opportunity to manage your video view in the most incredible way.

  1. Get subtitles to the video.
  2. Watch your favorite scenes as many times as you like at different speed by enabling A-B loop function.
  3. Enhance your audio tracks with Equalizer.
  4. Adjust surround sound to your audio equipment.

Elmedia Player PRO gives you big privileges in video use. You can fully dip into video reality enjoying the best quality of sound and video image. You can create your own video world with individual audio and visual effects, colors, darkness and light. You can adjust your videos to your personal tastes and needs which neither TV, cinema nor other video players can offer you.

Elmedia Player

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 55.34MB free space
Version 7.12(2164) (24 Jun, 2020) Release notes