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FLAC Player for Mac

You want more than just to play FLAC on Mac. You want a powerful music player for macOS capable of handling FLAC, MP3, WMA, and AC3 in a single playlist with customizable features for the best music playback possible. Elmedia Player lets you do all these things while also playing videos and streaming to popular wireless devices like Chromecast or AirPlay.

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How to Play FLAC Files on Mac in Three Simple Steps

1 Installing Elmedia Player

Install Elmedia Player for Mac

  • Head to our website and download Elmedia Player for free
  • After downloading, open the file to install it on your Mac
2 Open with Elmedia Player

Open the App

Once the installation finishes, open Elmedia Player and play your FLAC file on Mac in several ways:

  • Drag and drop the FLAC file straight onto the Elmedia Player window or the app’s icon in the dock
  • Right-click the FLAC file you want to play and select “Open With.” Choose Elmedia Player from the options presented
  • From Elmedia Player, click “File” and then “Open” and select the FLAC file you wish to play
3 Watching the Movie with Elmedia Player

Enjoy the video!

Side note: If you use FLAC for most of your media needs, click here for a quick guide on configuring Elmedia Player to open FLAC files by default!

The Best FLAC Player Mac App Is Free

Besides excellent sound quality and many enhancement settings, Elmedia Player provides many outstanding features for music lovers.
Playlist Creation

Make Your Own Playlists

Binge all your favorite tracks without having to rummage through your files. As a remarkable feature for a Mac FLAC player, Elmedia allows you to build custom playlists with any file format.

Native Volume Control

Elmedia Player knows what’s important to music lovers and offers intuitive solutions for unparalleled playback of FLAC on Mac. A responsive widget––a tiny slider––controls the in-app volume without affecting system volume.
AC-3/DTS through S/PDIF

AC-3/DTS Through S/PDIF

Effortlessly make a surround sound setup—play FLAC on Mac with passthrough for popular AC3 and DTS hardware decoders.

Audio Equalizer

A built-in 10-band graphic equalizer allows you to manual control when tuning your audio experience or optimized presets for all file formats, including when you play FLAC on your Mac.

Continuous Loop

Stuck on a particular part of a song? This FLAC audio player for Mac feature replays the same clip over and over again.
User-Friendly Interface

Easy-to-Use Interface

With a modern, intuitive interface, using Elmedia Player is convenient and straightforward. Plus, it’s a free FLAC player for Mac.
FLAC Player for Mac

Stream FLAC Music and Other Media via Chromecast, AirPlay, and More!

Elmedia Player is the ideal FLAC audio player for Mac to stream local files to your Chromecast, Smart TV, and many more DLNA and AirPlay devices. Not only does it play FLAC files on Mac, but it can also cast entire playlists to a bigger screen or a set of remote speakers! The process is straightforward and effortless. These capabilities cement Elmedia as the best FLAC player Mac users can get.

Apple TV and Other AirPlay Devices

Smart TV and other DLNA Devices

Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra Compatibility

Stream FLAC music from Mac


Here are some frequently asked questions we receive about playing FLAC files on Mac and Elmedia Player. If you have questions not addressed here, ask in the comments, and we’ll get back to them soon!

The pre-installed audio players don’t play FLAC on Mac by default. However, you don’t have to choose FLAC vs. MP3 for your audio files. Third-party audio players like Elmedia Player offer intuitive interfaces, powerful features, and the ability to combine multiple audio formats into a single playlist.

Apple Music (previously known as iTunes) doesn’t support FLAC. But it’s easy to convert tracks to Apple Lossless Audio Codec (also known as ALAC), a proprietary lossless audio format supported by Apple Music. If that sounds like a pain, you can use a third-party FLAC player for Mac, like Elmedia Player, VOX, or Colibri.

Playing a lossless audio file like FLAC on Mac takes a couple of extra steps than if the file is in MP3 format.

  1. Open the FLAC file on your computer.
  2. Launch MediaHuman Audio Converter.
  3. Drag and drop the FLAC file onto the audio converter or click the add button in the app.
  4. When you play FLAC files on Mac, the music comes in two files: the image and the cue sheet. You can use the audio converter to split multiple tracks into individual ones, or the image from the cue sheet.
  5. From the “Output Format” dropdown menu, choose Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC).
  6. Adjust the quality to your preference for your Mac audio player.
  7. Click “Convert”.

You can now play FLAC files on Mac as ALAC format, which both QuickTime Player and Apple Music support.

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Having tried Elmedia Video Player for a while now, I can firmly say that the app delivers what it says.

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