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Free MKV Player for Mac

Elmedia Player is your ultimate all-in-one solution to play MKV on Mac. Enjoy the benefits of wireless streaming, video and audio customization and fine-tuned options.

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The Best MKV Player for Mac with Impressive Playback Features

Why exactly is this the best video app? Simply put, this Mac MKV player was designed to give you the most complete experience on the market. With unlimited possibilities, Elmedia Mac video player ensures that you can run virtually any video or audio format, such as MKV, WebM, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, DAT MP3, M4V, Blu-ray discs, and tons more, providing you with extensive versatility. And with the hardware-accelerated decoding capabilities, you won’t ever experience any slowdowns, lag, or video quality defects.

Personalized Playback Controls

Adjust playback speed and the delay for subtitle and audio tracks. Bookmark your favorite segments. Play it in the background with the picture-in-picture feature. This free MKV player for Mac does it all.

Build Your Completely Unique Playlist

Got multiple videos you’d like to play in the background as you work? What about a mix from your favorite artist? Simply create your very own custom playlist and enjoy!

Smart Chapters

Smart chapters allow you to highlight sections throughout the MKV file. Said sections can be quickly navigated and skipped through, as if you were reading a book. With this outstanding feature, finding your favorite parts is a breeze.

User-Friendly Interface

Elmedia Player offers a very well-rounded experience with its updated and user-friendly interface. Everything is clean and organized - get that authentic macOS feel as you navigate the app.

How to Play MKV Files on Mac with Elmedia

1 Download Mac MKV player on your computer

Set it up.

Download Elmedia Player for free.
2 How to open MKV files on Mac with Elmedia

Put the MKV files in your Elmedia Library.

Use the "File" option from the main menu, or simply drag-and-drop them.
3 Watching MKV files on Mac with Elmedia Player

Play the files.

Just double-click them in the list.

Video Quality Enhancement and Fine-Tuning

Playing MKV on Mac has never been more enjoyable. With Elmedia Player PRO, users get to enjoy an unforgettable experience, reinforced with video playback adjustments and quality enhancement capabilities.
Elmedia MKV Player: Playback features

Fullscreen Capabilities Without Quality Loss

If you hook multiple monitors up to your Mac, Elmedia has an option to switch between them. Whatever you choose, should you go fullscreen, the video will be played at that monitor’s native resolution, even if it’s full HD.

Fine-Tuning Video

Adjust minute quality settings like brightness, gamma, hue, contrast, sharpness, noise reduction and more, even while it’s playing.

Precise Screenshots

Found a shot in the video you want to save? Track it down with frame-perfect precision or turn the whole video into an image gallery.

Continuous Loop

Choose the exact segment you want to loop, and replay it over and over for as long as you like.

Video Deinterlacing

Rippling, stripey video defects and inconsistent playback are a thing of the past. Use Elmedia Player’s deinterlacing tool to quickly get rid of any distracting stripes or stuttering.

No More Audio Desync

No need to suffer through mismatched video and audio files. Elmedia Player lets you adjust the audio delay on your videos and synchronize them to the exact second you want.

Play MKV on Mac with Optimized Subtitle Integration

Watching foreign movies has never been easier. Elmedia Player grants its users full control over subtitle integration and support. Specifically, you can load subtitles either automatically or manually and customize their look and feel however you like. With support for embedded subtitle tracks and multiple languages, you can start watching MKV on Mac right away. No need to convert or go to outside sources.
  • Appearance

    Customize the size, font, text and background color of your subtitles.
  • Automatic Setup

    Load subtitles automatically in the language of your choice.
  • Online Search

    Elmedia collaborates with to find the most appropriate subtitles for any video file you can provide.

Wireless Streaming - Cast Local MKV Files to TV

If you’ve ever wanted to stream directly to your TV, that’s easily done with Elmedia Player PRO. You’ll be able to wirelessly stream any of your files directly from a Mac to an Apple TV, a Chromecast, a Smart TV or any other DLNA-enabled or AirPlay device. And it works in reverse as well.

AirPlay Devices and Apple TV

DLNA-Enabled Devices and Smart TV

Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra

Stream MKV to Chromecast, Apple TV or Smart TV

Supported media formats

This media player for Mac has native support for a large number of multimedia formats, including:


Below we have a list of the most frequently asked questions on how to open MKV files on Mac.
MKV is not natively supported by QuickTime. An independent team used to support Perian - a QuickTime component that added MKV support, but it has been discontinued. The best way to play MKV on your Mac is a third party application like Elmedia, VLC or 5KPlayer. Quality software requires no extra plugins or codecs to open and seamlessly play MKV files on Mac. You can read a detailed review of the best MKV players for Mac and choose the one for you.
While a Mac doesn’t have the inherent capability to open MKV files, it can be acquired. Both commercial and free products exist to fulfill this need. Elmedia Player is one of such products, and we suggest that you give it a shot.
There is a limited number of options to play MKV on Mac. Your best bet to play WMV files on Mac would be a third-party app like Elmedia Player, IINA, 5Kplayer or VLC. The only other way is to use a video converter to produce a macOS-friendly format like MOV, M4V, or MP4. Then you can open your MKV file with any player of your choosing.
What other users are saying about Elmedia
Elmedia Player Pro is indeed a great upgrade for those who are ready to pay. For the amount you’re paying, you get a superb set of features like AirPlay support and ultimate compatibility.
Having tried Elmedia Video Player for a while now, I can firmly say that the app delivers what it says. The video player has stood up to my expectations.

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