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WMV (Windows Media Video) file extension is a proprietary format of video compression developed by Microsoft Corporation. Video encoded with WMV codecs is stored in Microsoft container ASF (Advanced Systems Format). Such files have .wmv extension but they can be stored in other containers like avi, mkv, etc.
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55.24MB free space. Version 7.4(1816). (30th Jun, 2019). 4.9 Rank based on 378+ users

Elmedia Player allows you to handle WMV videos freely and easily. You can manage audio, video settings, playlists, create benchmarks and many more by taking use of the big Elmedia potential. Elmedia Player supports multiple audio tracks, so you can play out local files and external audios. If the downloaded WMV file has some problems with video and audio playback WMV file player Elmedia synchronizes both files automatically. No additional tools or skills are required from you for fixing it.


How to play WMV on Mac: step by step instruction:

  1. Download and install the WMV player on your Mac. To add our free player on your gadget or computer, simply click on the "Download" button here. Once the download of the WMV player is finished, you can easily drag and drop the DMG file into the Applications folder.
  2. Run the WMV player. Once the Install is done, run Elmedia Player on your device.
  3. Play any WMV file. Without needing any other codecs or downloading any other tools, you can play all your WMV-format videos. You have several ways of playing the videos:

  • ★ Drag and drop the WMV file into the Elmedia window or the icon on your Mac’s Dock.
  • ★ From Elmedia Player choose the “Open” option from the “File” tab and then select the WMV video.
  • ★ Right click on the WMV file and then selecting the “Open With” command from the Finder tab.

What to Do If Your Video Has WMV Format

WMV (Windows Media Video) file extension is a proprietary format of video compression developed by Microsoft Corporation. Video encoded with WMV codecs is stored in Microsoft container ASF (Advanced Systems Format). Such files have .wmv extension but they can be stored in other containers like avi, mkv, etc.

WMV files often contain both video data (Windows Media Video) and audio data (Windows Media Audio). They can support DRM technology that doesn’t allow users to copy information. This particular feature makes WMV format a product that is so popular among companies selling digital video and audio production online. WMV files can be downloaded and viewed on both Mac and PC. They are supported by portable devices, Zune players developed by Microsoft, as well as by Xbox 360 devices. WMV format is widely used in online sales.

As WMV files are compressed with Microsoft codecs, not all video players can support this format. Elmedia Player is a free WMV Player for Mac. It’s a universal tool that effectively works with lots of formats besides WMV. It’s very simple to use, versatile and offering excellent user experience.

Elmedia Player

Subtitles are easily supported and managed in any version of Elmedia Player. You have a possibility to set up subtitles font, font color, border color, encoding, size, and their delay increase/decrease. You won’t have problems with downloading subtitles manually while you’re playing WMV files on Mac or setting up their automatic loading. Subtitles encoding is also naturally determined which is a great benefit that allows you to make changes. If the video encoding can’t be defined by the player you can set up the prefered one in the settings.

Elmedia Player Subs

This feature is not available in other apps. Besides, Elmedia Player supports subtitles in many languages. Even Arabic and Hebrew are not exceptions. Such languages are not maintained in lots of players, so they may be incorrectly displayed. This free WMV player for Mac also gives you access to equalizer. You can adjust the sound by hand.

Elmedia Player PRO opens up advanced possibilities for users enabling them to deal with multimedia files the similar ways professional video, audio staff does. For this you don’t need to pay extra money to get additional software or special learning. All necessary features and tools are implemented in one Elmedia package.

With Elmedia browser mode you receive an advanced downloading feature. It doesn’t only search for information on the Internet but also parses the webpage content into segments. So you can get any page element on your computer including video, audio files, images, code data, and other front-end components. For this you should only press Download button. You can also save the whole YouTube playlists and channels on your Mac, separate audio from video and download only audio files. This function is not accessible in other players.

Elmedia Player

With Elmedia Player PRO opportunities you can take a fresh look at well-known movies. Such video settings as mirror, flip vertically and rotate the view will funk up your file by enabling it to show a video in a quite new light. Video Tuner allows you to modify video image by setting up its brightness, saturation, contrast, sharpness, etc. You can also improve your video significantly by enabling Image enhancement option. Sharp edges, MPEG artifacts, as well as other defects won’t bother you during the video view. WMV file player, Elmedia, allows you to improve audio files with audio settings and Equalizer function. In PRO version Equalizer gets available with presets. It means that you can setup your own audio effects or select them from the existing ones. Take Screenshot option empowers you to make an image of any scene in the movie while the video is playing and Record a Series of Screenshots will convert the whole movie into precaps.

If you like an episode and want to play it again you can do that as many times as you want at different speed. It becomes possible with A-B loop function in Elmedia PRO functionality. You just need to set the starting point and specify the end. A-B loop will play the track in circles allowing you to enjoy every moment of it.

Elmedia Player PRO

If you are making a presentation Full screen monitor can help you a lot. It’s quite useful when you run several monitors. With this option you can choose a monitor to display your video. If you use subtitles, Elmedia Player PRO will enable you to choose subtitles language.


You can send and play WMV files on macOS by using Apple AirPlay technology.
Its working principle is very simple and similar to Bluetooth. You can share video, audio files, images, documents and other content by sending files from Mac to Mac, from Mac to another iOS device and vice versa, from Mac to Apple TV. Save a movie on your Mac and watch it on your iPhone. Simply, quickly and problem free.

Elmedia Player provides a wide range of possibilities to deal with WMV files. The list of features given above is not full and can be continued. The main Elmedia benefits are high quality of any format playback, user-friendliness, simplicity of use and full control of file view. That’s a high standard that other players should try to reach to.

/ Play WMV Files on Mac Without Efforts and Pains

Elmedia Player

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 55.24MB free space
Version 7.4(1816) (30th Jun, 2019) Release notes