How To View Video Frame by Frame on Mac

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Every video is basically a set of thumbnail images following each other in a filmstrip. Each of these thumbnails can stand for hundreds of video frames (separate images). When you need to locate one specific frame (or image) you can go through the video strip frame by frame.

If you are interested in animation, but don't know how to play a video frame by frame, read on. Being able to view video frame by frame means you can break down shot sequences for each image, observe the rhythm and flow. With time and practice you'll be able to get a sense of good timing for 24-frame animation. This article describes a great solution for Mac to watch video frame by frame - Elmedia Player.

Watching Video Frame by Frame on Mac

Elmedia Player - frame by frame video player for Mac

This frame by frame video player for Mac allows you to play a video forward one frame at a time until you get to a specific scene you are interested in. Elmedia puts you in control of frames, so you can move forward in tiny little steps and not miss a thing. This is how you view video frame by frame on Mac:

  1. Download, install and open free Elmedia Player on your computer.
  2. Open a video that you will play frame by frame. There are several ways to open a video in the player:

    • ★ Drag and drop files to the open app or onto its icon in the Dock;
    • ★ Right click on a video file in Finder and select ‘Open With’ option to open with Elmedia Player;
    • ★ Use ‘File’ menu -> ‘Open...’.
  3. Click regular play button in Elmedia Player. Then pause the playback.
  4. To go to the next video frame, press the right arrow on the keyboard.

    Video Frame by Frame in Elmedia Player

Note that Elmedia Player doesn’t do frame-stepping backwards; it’s only possible to go forward.

If you have any questions or comments about the frame by frame media player for Mac, use the comment section below.

Elmedia Player enables you to watch videos online in PiP alternative mode. You have a great opportunity to enjoy your favorite clips while responding to emails or checking the forecast. Read more about Elmedia Player’s Picture-in-Picture mode.

Elmedia Player

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 59.68MB free space
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