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Free MP3 Player for Mac - Elmedia
  • Not just for MP3, can open lots of media formats
  • Streamable music - for use with high-end speakers
  • Fine playback details can be changed
  • The list of supported devices include Chromecast, AirPlay and DLNA
Top choice
Elmedia Player Free
4.8 Rank based on 131+ users, Reviews(131)
Elmedia - Best MP3 Player for Mac

The best free MP3 players for MacOS 2021

In spite of the alternatives, MP3 is here to stay. The industry and the users will take a while to move onto a newer format; until then, get ready to encounter this file extension a lot. And what better way is there to prepare for it, other than choosing from a selection of good Mac MP3 players?

1. Elmedia

This MP3 player Mac app snatches the first place without any doubt or controversy. The standards for an excellent music-listening experience are already strict, but Elmedia goes even further, choosing to set its own standards through innovative design and supreme quality.

An absolutely massive array of supported formats can ensure that you’ve always got your music on hand and ready to play. Among many other comfort features, a 10-band equalizer is present to enhance your satisfaction. If you’re a real music fan, you may be interested in the hardware passthrough feature for AC-3 or DTS decoders. Playlists, streams, wireless connection - it’s not hard to see how this MP3 player for Mac got the top spot.

mp3 player Mac - Elmedia Player


  • Options to fine-tune every aspect of your playback
  • Can connect to hardware and wireless speakers
  • Smart track and playlist management


  • Full version with complete capabilities costs money


From the outset, IINA tries hard to stand out. The outlandish design and features make for a weird user experience, but it’s definitely a pleasant one. There is nothing extraordinary about the format support and the playback quality; but once you take a look at the UI, you’ll start noticing the difference.

Unusually for an audio player for Mac, IINA makes full use of trackpad gestures, the Touch Bar, the Dark Mode and other system features. The user feels truly engulfed in the Apple Ecosystem. The authenticity is uncanny; it’s not that common for apps to try and "blend in" with your OS. A curious direction.

IINA Mac mp3 player


  • The interface design is Apple through and through
  • Adequate execution in every other aspect


  • No particularly advanced features
  • Some odd aesthetic decisions

3. Colibri

All our previous entries focused on home and office setups. But which one among the MP3 players for Macs is better when you go outside? With confidence, we’ll recommend Colibri. The lightweight, miniature app uses a shockingly low amount of CPU power - which, in turn, translates to longer battery life.

Colibri is the app you should take on your picnics, train rides and other similar activities. Do that, and at no point will you have to worry about your laptop running low on battery power. Sadly, for everyday use, Colibri is just passable, even when compared to QuickTime.

simple mp3 player for Mac


  • Efficient power management
  • Helps you leave the desk once in a while


  • Costs money
  • UI is very sparse

4. VOX

This audio player Mac app has its own share of unique features and small conveniences. It’s one of the better radio apps, if you’re looking for that sort of thing. Then there’s the cloud storage, the playlist sync and even some high-class stuff like gapless playback. If you’re an enthusiast, VOX can serve your specific tastes.

That being said, it comes with one of the worst monetization models in existence - a subscription fee. $5 monthly will add up quickly. Is it worth the scratch? You decide. It says a lot about VOX’s quality when it’s one of our top picks despite the monthly licensing fee.

 MP3 player for Mac


  • Hardcore listeners will appreciate
  • Syncing and cloud storage for your tracks
  • Plentiful features


  • Has a monthly fee of $4.99
  • Hard on the CPU
  • Free version not worth considering

5. Audirvana

Even though it fades in comparison to other positions on this list, Audirvana is a decent generic music player. There’s hardly a need to describe the standard features - it’s the basic package you may expect from any other Mac audio player. This app has an unusual advantage, however.

Audirvana provides numerous options for a Hi-Fi system. It can act as a Hi-Fi source, and modify such minute things as DAC thresholds and oversampling levels. To seal the deal, the desktop app can be controlled by a mobile extension, like a remote. Sound convenient if you’ve got a quality sound system.

macOS MP3 player


  • Standard features are on the level
  • Advanced Hi-Fi system support, multichannel included
  • Convenient to use in a sound system


  • Costs quite a bit

Key Features Every Mac MP3 Player Must Have:

  1. Extensive audio format support
  2. Wi-Fi Streaming Features
  3. Options to create and edit playlists
  4. Features to fine-tune the experience
  5. Flawless playback quality


Below we have collected the questions most often asked by Mac users. If you still have any questions, please leave them in the comments and we will try to answer as soon as possible.
Elmedia Player is a great way to play MP3 files on Mac. And Elmedia Player PRO is an advanced version. This lets you stream content from top services like Chromecast Ultra or Apple TV. It also lets you access YouTube content without any irritating adverts.
For our money, Elmedia Player may well be the best music player for Mac. This program doesn’t cost a thing, and lets you easily remove audio from YouTube files. You can even rip an entire playlist from the site. Whatever your needs, Elmedia is an ideal player for people using the Mac OS.

Elmedia Player Free

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 103.67MB free space
Version 8.1(2848) (29 Jul, 2021) Release notes