Streaming to Chromecast FAQ

Perform troubleshooting steps 1-8 listed in this answer.

If the issue persists, then you may need to check that your router is configured to properly allow Google Cast traffic. Most home networks don’t require any special configuration, but sometimes you may need to change a setting or two on your router to allow streaming on your network. The link below lists compatible routers as well as the most commonly needed configuration changes on many popular home routers. Cast router compatibility.

This is a known, memory-related issue with Chromecast 1st & 2nd generation. When you play your content at a very high bitrate, the Chromecast Default Media Receiver can sometimes run out of memory available to it, which can either result in freezing or poor playback experience (it may manifest as buffering). 

In this case, you can fix the problem by following the steps below:

  1. Disconnect your Chromecast from the app.
  2. Open the Elmedia Player Preferences. Go to the Streaming tab and decrease the video quality and/or bitrate.
  3. Reconnect your Chromecast with the app and stream that video again.

Video streaming should be working alright again.

Most likely, the audio codec is not supported by your device. In the Streaming > General settings, turn on the “Downmix audio to stereo” option or turn off the “Use native playback when supported” option and restart the broadcast.