Expand your knowledge of video and music formats for Mac Os with in-depth articles from professionals and Elmedia player developers.
How to

How to Take Screenshots on Mac

It’s quite appealing to save a scene of a TV show as a short clip or as a screenshot. Later, use that ...
Sep 7, 2023
How to

How to Open and Play WMA Files on Mac

WMA files don’t work with Mac’s native media player QuickTime, which can be frustrating if you don’t have a Windows PC. If ...
Sep 6, 2023
How to

Open SRT file on Mac

SRT is among the most popular subtitle file formats. It is a plain-text file that includes all information regarding subtitles. However, opening ...
Jul 3, 2023

Why Videos Won’t Play on Mac

There are plenty of potential reasons for videos not playing on Mac, and most of them can be solved fairly easily. One ...
Jun 26, 2023

General Streaming FAQ

Jun 21, 2023

Does Elmedia Player support subtitles when streaming to devices?

Yes, it does. Elmedia Player uses 3 methods to stream subtitles: 1. External subtitles are stored in separate files and are streamed ...
Jun 21, 2023