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So, you’re using a device that runs on the Mac OS. That’s great. You’re fortunate to have access to one of the best operating systems on the planet. But the best doesn’t mean perfect. There are some areas that the Mac OS doesn’t exactly excel in.

The Mac OS comes with an in-house media player that gets the job done. However, it lacks various other capabilities. For instance, it does not support a whole lot of video formats.

This is exactly why you might need a third-party media player to complete the picture. So which third party media player should you download for the Mac OS? Well, we’ve come up with a list to help you out.

Which media player is best for Mac?

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1. Elmedia Player

55.24MB free space. Version 7.4(1816). (30th Jun, 2019). 4.9 Rank based on 378+ users

Elmedia Player for Mac is a free multifunctional player aimed at the macOS. It can play a range of formats, which makes it a fantastic option. There’s even a PRO version that packs a whole lot more in terms of functionality and other tools.

Elmedia mac media player

The interface in Elmedia Mac media player is very similar to that of iTunes, which just makes things better. You can create, manage, and delete playlists. You can even choose from a variety of parameters to create your own smart playlist.

Some formats supported by this media player include FLV, RM, RV, MOV, AVI, XAP, MP4, and SWF. It can also manage subtitles, play 4K & 8K, offer Chromecast & Chromecast Ultra support, and stream videos from your Mac device to your smart TV.

It is even AirPlay-enabled.

2. VLC

VlC download

VLC is probably the granddaddy of all media players listed here. It was one of the first third-party open source media player applications to support multiple formats. Of course, these abilities have made it one of the most popular media players out there with almost every second person with a Mac system using it.

Apart from offering multi-format support, VLC is a lightweight application. It won’t take up a lot of space or memory with its extremely simple yet appealing interface. It plays HD, BluRay, and even integrates with web streaming services.

Cisdem Video Player for Mac is a free media player that offers multi-format support. You can play around 50 video formats that include everything from Full HD to even 5K. You don’t need additional codecs or plugins to do so.

Cisdem offers one of the best HD video-playing experiences possible. There are absolutely no crashes or bufferings to deal with.

Loading subtitle files is also quite easy on this application, which also offers de-interlacing and snapshot functions.

5KPlayer is a free media player that offers HD support. It is also capable of AirPlay media streaming and online video downloads. It also operates as a region-free DVD player and supports playback for ultra HD videos.

Some of its key features include:

  1. Support for multiple audio formats such as FLAC, APE, AAC, and MP3.
  2. An intuitive and unobtrusive interface.
  3. Download support for YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

MPlayerX is a free media player for Mac that's powered by mplayer and ffmpeg. It is developed using technologies from Apple, such as OpenCL, Grand-Central Dispatch, and Core Animation, making it an excellent player with a host of capabilities.

Notable functions and features include:

  1. Snapshot functions.
  2. Automatic detection of next playable file.
  3. Multi-touch support.
  4. Apple Remote support.
  5. Auto-detection of subtitle encoding using the Universal Charset Detector.
  6. Support for multi-threaded ffmpeg.
  7. Auto-resume.

6. Kodi

Mac media player update

Kodi is a media player for Mac that can stream across a local network with extensions for services like YouTube, Pandora, and Spotify. You can use it to access a variety of TV shows and other media. You can also play your DVDs on this player.

One of its greatest features is that you can select add-ons to enhance the user experience. The add-ons can be chosen from categories such as Pictures, Music, and Video.

7. Plex

Free media player for mac

Plex Media Player is THE application for HTPCs (Home Theater PCs) connected to larger screens. You can access your entire collection of photos, music, and videos in one go. Plex offers top-notch video playback that can only be rivalled by a handful of other media players.

This is an extremely powerful Mac media player that offers a sophisticated way to play media via your home theater. The intuitive interface and simple controls provide a lovely experience.

JustPlay is a media player that can play pretty much play any format under the sun. It also offers support for Blu-Ray and other formats.

The HD playback on JustPlay is smooth and so is its support from 4K and 8K video. This is due to the excellent hardware-accelerated decoding feature.

Advanced controls allow users to adjust speed, audio sync, and subtitles during playback.

RealPlayer is one of the oldest players on this list. It is a capable application that can instantly recognize formats and is able to play most video and audio formats, such as AVI, WMV, FLV, MPEG, MP3, and WMA etc.

Apart from playing videos, RealPlayer can also convert videos into other formats and extract audio. You can extract audio when the video isn’t a necessary part of the content.

RealPlayer also comes with an editing feature which allows you to edit your home videos.

10. QuickTime

Media player for mac os

QuickTime is another old-school player that has been around for ages. More importantly, this is Apple’s own proprietary media player. So you’ll definitely find it preloaded into your system.

Now, since it is an Apple product, you can expect an intuitive and minimalistic interface. It is a simple media player that gets the job done. If you want more out of it, get the PRO version that comes with features such as video conversion and video editing.

On the whole, it is a capable media player for users with minimal needs.

Useful Tips for Choosing Video Player for Your Mac, iMac, MacBook

There are several things you need to consider when choosing a media player for your Mac OS-based device. For starters, make sure it doesn’t come bundled with adware. Most adware is spyware or malware, which can lead to a host of problems.

Then look for a slick interface that doesn’t confuse you. Thirdly, make sure it can support a wide range of formats. The last thing you want to do is hunt for codecs and plugins.

Also, look for easy and user-friendly playback functions.

Good media players should also come with playlist features. Are you able to create and manage your playlists? If no, dump that media player immediately.

Finally, make sure the app has regular updates. This is necessary for ensuring a sustained compatibility.

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