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Connecting Mac to Apple TV – The Best Ways

Mac users know they can always rely on their devices for many tasks. The versatile laptop from Apple passed the test of time and kept improving as the years went by. However, those with high standards for playing media content may feel that 16 inches are simply not enough. That’s why there’s a constant need to connect Apple TV to Mac for streaming, casting, mirroring, and screen sharing.

Since Apple develops both devices, you can always count on AirPlay to do the job wirelessly. However, you must turn to third-party apps if you want some extra features and improved playback control. We’re here to give you all the solutions for your needs. So, let’s take a closer look at all the top methods to send content to Apple TV from Mac.

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Stream from Mac to Apple TV using Elmedia

Stream to Apple TV from Mac Without a Hassle

As the introduction mentions, you can always AirPlay Mac to Apple TV without issues. It’s the native Apple connection interface, and it’s optimized for top performance. Even so, third-party apps like Elmedia and JustStream are just as popular among users for their versatility, additional options, and benefits. Both provide a wireless connection to Apple television sets, and you’ll learn more about them immediately.

Stream from Mac to Apple TV with Elmedia Player PRO

Elmedia Player PRO is an excellent alternative to AirPlay for all users that want to stream movies and videos from Mac to Apple TV. Furthermore, you with the PRO version won’t have to worry about formats or compatibility ever again! Elmedia doesn’t need any codecs or plugins to play any file type you throw at it. AVI, MKV, MP4, FLV, MP3, FLAC, WMA, you name it.

Another feature that makes this software stand out from the crowd is its ability to convert streamed media on the go. It doesn’t matter if the big screen can’t read a certain format, Elmedia will automatically transcode it for smooth playback. Also, it comes with an incredible list of video and audio settings, so you tweak everything to perfection. It offers full subtitle support, access to building playlists, and hardware acceleration. You get an all-in-one software if you add deinterlacing and the option to play online videos.

The user interface is perfectly designed so that everybody can easily navigate the app and perform the desired tasks. You have multiple ways to open files and keyboard shortcuts for faster commands.

Elmedia Player allows you to test 5 minutes streaming feature for free, to get a feel of its full potential. You can also try it for other purposes, such as streaming Mac to Roku, Chromecast, LG, and any other compatible receiver device.

How to stream from Mac to Apple TV using Elmedia Player PRO

How to Stream to Apple TV from Mac Using Elmedia Player

Streaming to an Apple television via Elmedia Player is a simple process that doesn’t require advanced technical skills. Getting started is straightforward, and you’ll be done in no time by following this guide:

1. Download Elmedia Player from our website or the App Store and install it on your Mac

Stream Mac to Apple TV using Elmedia Player PRO

2. Activate the PRO version to unlock the streaming functions and many others

3.Turn the television on and double-check that it’s connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the laptop

4. Choose the media file you want to stream and play it in Elmedia

Open a file you want to stream

5. From the bottom-right corner of the app, access the streaming menu (an icon similar to the AirPlay one)

How to stream to Apple TV from Mac

6. Choose the Apple device from the list and enjoy!

Mirror Mac to Apple TV with the JustStream App

JustStream is also a top choice for screen mirroring Mac on Apple TV. This one could be it if you’re looking for a lightweight but potent application. Besides the ability to mirror the screen, it comes with complete playback control, subtitle support, various quality settings for mirroring, extend display, and many more.

Furthermore, users that want 4K resolution for their favorite movies can count on JustStream for impeccable services. To further tweak the experience, you can decide if the mouse cursor is visible or not or if clicks are highlighted.

In case you’re using multiple displays for your laptop, the app allows you to choose which to mirror and personalize the settings for all of them. On the downside, JustStream only allows 20 minutes of streaming in the free version.

Stream videos from Mac to Apple TV using JustStream

How to Screen Mirror Mac to Apple TV via JustStream

Whether you want to play movies on a bigger screen or just get more of your favorite content, this is the complete list of steps to cast Mac to Apple TV:

  1. Install JustStream after downloading it from the App Store
JustStream on the Mac App Store
  1. Open the software and click on Menu Bar
JustStream app in the Menu Bar
  1. Add the media files you want to the screenplay
  2. Click once more on the icon showing a wireless connection to pick the device to stream to (ensure both gadgets are using the same network)
  3. Press “Start Streaming” to begin

AirPlay from Mac to Apple TV to Stream Movies and Videos

We finally reached the native screen share function available to all Mac users, AirPlay. To be able to use this feature, make sure you have everything needed:

  • A Macbook with macOS Sierra or later operating system
  • An updated Apple television set
  • A Wi-Fi network to connect both devices

Using AirPlay you can enjoy all sorts of content on the big display. Feel free to view videos and photos, stream music, or mirror the entire screen. The best part about this method is that it also applies to iOS devices, such as an iPad or an iPhone. Therefore, you can include iPadOS in this category as well.

How to Stream to Apple TV from Mac Using AirPlay

    It’s time to review the actions needed to use AirPlay to stream from a Mac, depending on the macOS you’re running or the task you want to perform.

    Mirror from Mac with macOS Big Sur or newer versions

    1. Go to the Control Center in menu
    2. Click on Screen Mirroring
    3. Select the screen for this task
    4. To end mirroring, click again on the name of the device

    Mirror from latest macOS or previous version

    1. Access the feature’s icon from the menu
    2. Choose the device name to start mirroring

    Furthermore, you have the option to define who has access to stream content to Apple TV. Here’s how to do so:

    1. Access the Settings menu on your big-screen device
    2. Go to AirPlay and HomeKit -> Allow Access and pick one of the available options
    • Everyone so that there are no restrictions regarding who can stream
    • Anyone on the Same Network - only people connected to your Wi-Fi network will have access
    • Only People Sharing Home - will allow the ones added by you to Home Sharing to stream
    • Require Password - add a password for others to use AirPlay
    • Allow Nearby - even people in the vicinity will be able to stream

    This is all the information you need to watch movie collections or any other media files by streaming them. You’re all set to try these methods and find the best one for your needs.

Supported media formats

This media player for Mac has native support for a large number of multimedia formats, including:


There are various ways to mirror Mac to Apple TV. You can either use AirPlay or a stand-alone app like JustStream. The latter comes with increased versatility and features that you can’t enjoy via AirPlay. You can start mirroring in minutes after installing the app on your laptop and connecting it to the Apple TV.

Of course, using a Mac, you can stream, project, mirror, or cast any type of media onto an Apple TV. Elmedia Player Pro, JustStream, and AirPlay are three of the most popular methods to get the job done, and each comes with a unique set of features

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